Mascha: ‘Packing things completely panics me’

If Mila (2) is dancing with chocolate sauce on her leg, the holiday of influencer Mascha Feoktistova (36) is a success. And she doesn’t look at an ice cream more or less.

In the Kek Mama Zomerboek she talks about a holiday with the family and the packing stress that comes with it.

“Packing things gives me stress, especially when I go out with Mila. I don’t know why, I’m terrified that I forget something or go out unprepared, only to feel like a bad mother. Not handy when you go on vacation, of course. And it is quite a serious problem, because at such moments my heart rate accelerates and I completely panic. On the advice of my psychologist, I asked other mothers how they did it – in my experience they were always super organized. Turned out not to be the case at all, the mothers in my area also messed around. That was very relative. Although there is a sort of ‘escape bag’ ready in our hallway as standard – you better be prepared. And even then things sometimes go wrong.

“On the advice of my psychologist, I asked other mothers how they did it; they also messed around a bit”

For example, we were on the road in Dubai when I had no spare pants for Mila. She leaked precisely on that
right now. The only affordable pants I could find were red and white checkered. When I look back at those pictures, I can only laugh about it.”

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