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Mamma mia: with these pasta machines you make the most delicious dishes


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If you’ve never made your own pasta before, this is a great machine to start with. You can make three types with it (lasagna, tagliatelle and spaghetti) and choose from five different thicknesses.

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Inno Cuisino Beijenkorf

pasta machines

Make spaghetti and lasagne at the same time? Just change the supplied attachments and you can turn both pastes in no time.

The machine remains firmly on your table with a clamp.

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pasta machines

Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and does the pasta machine have a permanent place? Then go for this stylish pasta machine from Bama, which is available in red and black.

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pasta machines

Before cooking the pasta, let it dry on a special pasta drying rack. It comes with this Yugn pasta machine, but that’s not all: you also get an E-book with the most delicious recipes.

A complete package, with which you can bring Italian cuisine into your home in no time.

Order the combination package here.


pasta machines

A compact pasta machine that comes in handy if you have a small kitchen. You just use it handheld, so no hassle to attach the device to your countertop or table top.

Also nice: when you’ve made your pasta, with one of the five different attachments, you can throw the machine in the dishwasher.

Order it here.

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