Major bug in Chrome OS update affects Chromebook: users can’t log in

A group of Chromebook users are experiencing a new bug in Chrome OS. A new update released by Google will stop users from accessing their Chromebook.

Issues with latest Chrome OS update

Usually, Google tests its Chrome OS updates first, but a bad bug in the latest software version slipped through these tests. Users of various Chromebooks note that after the update, they can no longer log in to their computers with Chrome OS. The issues are related to Chrome OS 91.0.4472.165. After installation it is not possible to log in.

Google seems to be aware of the issue and will release a fix soon. However, it is still possible that your Chromebook will receive this new update. To avoid being unable to log in after the update, do not choose to shut down or restart the Chromebook. After a reboot, the update is definitively implemented.

If you have already implemented the update, there is no other option than to reset the Chromebook to factory settings. This will delete all local data as well as the Linux program data.

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