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Just a few hours to go and then we can officially leave 2020 behind us. But before that, let’s look back at the past twelve months. This is Apple’s 2020 annual review.

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The most important Apple news of 2020

This year, instead of individual news items, we have opted for the four trends that, in our opinion, are typical of the past twelve months. From corona to Apple Silicon, here’s our 2020 Apple Year in Review.

1. Corona (and how Apple dealt with it)

We cannot ignore it and will therefore not do that: of course, 2020 was about the corona pandemic that affected everything and everyone. Apple, too, which, like many other companies, had to close its stores, let staff work from home and encountered the necessary problems.

Because this had such an impact on Apple in 2020, we’ve written an extensive backstory about it, looking at how Apple coped with the pandemic. From the delayed iPhone 12 to the Apple events that were suddenly given completely digitally.

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2. Apple for everyone with the iPhone SE and Apple Watch SE

If Apple has shown anything, it is that it does not only want to be a company for people who are willing to pay a thousand euros for a new smartphone. With the iPhone SE 2020 and Apple Watch SE, the company released two excellent entry-level models this year at an affordable price.

By cutting back on specific functions while maintaining modern specs, these are two hugely future-proof high-quality devices. Want to know more about the iPhone SE 2020 and Apple Watch SE? Then check out our extensive reviews below.

iOS 14 preview

3. Competitors joined forces to battle

2020 was also the year when Apple’s biggest rivals came together and went to war against the Cupertino company. From Spotify to Epic Games with Fortnite, countless tech companies large and small have raised the bell about Apple’s unfair dominance.

It took Fortnite out of the App Store, but also left Apple ajar for Siri and the HomePod to work better with other music services. Let’s hope Apple will be more open to the rest of the tech market in 2021, as Apple’s products will only benefit from that.

4. The farewell to Intel, the meeting with Apple Silicon

We had been hearing rumors about it for months, but we did not expect it to go so quickly. At the end of the year, Apple unveiled the M1 MacBooks, the first Macs to run Apple’s own M1 chip instead of Intel’s. A major change that ensures that Apple will produce even more hardware itself.

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Top 3 Apple Products of the Year

Of course, we also close the year with our favorite Apple products of the year. These are not immediately the best, most high-end devices (in that case the iPhone 12 Pro Max would have been included), but they are the ones that best fit the course that Apple has set out this year.

3. Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE shows an important change of course for Apple. This year, the company showed that they do not only focus on the target group that likes to deposit thousands of euros or more for a smartphone.

With the iPhone SE 2020, there is finally an entry-level model for a reasonable price and even the Apple Watch got a cheaper version with the Apple Watch SE. It is so good that it was difficult to justify the much more expensive Apple Watch Series 6. The Apple Watch SE is simply the best smartwatch for the vast majority of iPhone users.

MacBook Air 2020 M1

Last year, we welcomed the return of the old-fashioned MacBook keyboard, without knowing that the biggest Mac change in years was imminent. In the autumn of 2020, Apple left the processors of Intel and MacBooks do not have Intel Inside but Apple Inside.

And we knew that: just like with the Apple chips in the iPhone, the results are impressive. The MacBook Air performs just as well as a MacBook Pro with an Intel chip, and the battery life has even been doubled.

1.iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 mini is not only our favorite Apple product of 2020, but also the one that Apple summarizes best this year. After years of waiting, there is a really compact iPhone again, and what a! The device may be small, but it just has an OLED screen, new design, dual camera lens and the super-fast A14 chip.

That makes it not only the iPhone that gives the most for its money, but also the best compact smartphone to come out in years. Let’s hope the mini is a regular part of Apple’s iPhone lineup from now on.

A beautiful and happy 2021!

Before we open the champagne, I wish you a happy and above all healthy 2021 on behalf of the entire iPhone editorial team. Thank you for reading our articles and watching our videos. Stay tuned for next year as we have plenty of plans to let you get even more out of your favorite Apple devices. Take care of yourself and those around you and see you tomorrow when you read our preview for Apple in 2021.

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