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macOS 11.2 beta 1 released

A few hours after the first beta of iOS 14.4, watchOS 7.3 and tvOS 14.4, Apple offers the first beta (build 20D5029f) of macOS 11.2. It is only for developers immediately. It comes two days after the stable release of macOS 11.1 for all users.

Apple does not say what changes are with macOS 11.2. You will need to install it to see what the update includes. For information, iOS 14.4, watchOS 7.3 and tvOS 14.4 do not seem to offer anything. At least that is the case for now. The situation may still evolve with the next betas and the final version.

If your is Mac is configured to receive developer betas, open System Preferences and click Software Update. The first beta of macOS 11.2 will appear.

Apple does not currently give a release date for macOS 11.2 in final version. An arrival in January is possible if there are few changes from macOS 11.1. Conversely, several new features may require more testing time and therefore betas.

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