Mac users suing Apple because of dust on the screen and performance

A class action has emerged and is attacking Apple. Several users complained of the dust that can enter the MacBook and iMac, to the point of causing performance problems and having side-of-screen tasks.

“The computer sucks in air to cool its components, but without a filter, the dust remains trapped inside. This affects the screen and motherboard of the computer, which causes dust buildup behind the screen and clogging of the motherboards, which slows down the operation of the computer and/or causes it to overheat. ” indicates the complaint.

The users of the class action criticize the choices of Apple who is accused of not doing the necessary to really take care of this phenomenon and thus prevent it. Above all, they criticize the fees charged by the manufacturer in case of repair. The price can go up to $ 600, according to the complaint.

Class action participants claim monetary compensation for Mac owners, including compensation for screens that did not work as announced, as well as the reimbursement of repair costs and compensation for those who sold their computer at a loss due to dark spots on the screen or poor performance. See now if a judge will agree to treat this case in a court.

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