Lower the resolution on your phone and extend your battery life with this app

Purr is a new app that allows you to adjust the resolution on your phone. With a lower resolution, your phone has a lower consumption and you can last longer with your battery.

Change resolution

Several smartphones already come with the option to lower your resolution, but this is not yet possible on many devices. The Purr app is a tool that allows you to use a lower resolution on any phone. Conveniently, this new app uses a method that doesn’t require root access, which makes the app more accessible.

It can be useful to lower the resolution on your smartphone for several reasons. For example, some apps and games work better in a 16: 9 aspect ratio, and another major reason is consumption. The screen of a smartphone is the most energy-consuming aspect, and with a lower resolution you simply use less. The GPU of your chipset has to work less hard.

Preview display

What is also strong about Purr is that the app first checks whether the requested resolution you want to use is compatible with your phone. While choosing the resolution, you can also use a preview to check how the image of your phone would look at that set resolution.

Purr is available in the Google Play Store for 0.79 cents. It is important that Purr uses APIs that allow you to change the resolution of your phone, but they are not supported by all smartphone brands. If you notice that the app does not work for you, you can of course easily reclaim the amount paid in the Play Store. Purr is also open-source, and you can view the app’s code on GitHub.

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