lots of new emoticons coming this year

Once in a while we can expect new emoticons. It’s Emoji 14.0, which is part of the release of Unicode 14.0. We see a series of new emoji which we will see in time on different devices and in different platforms.

Emoji 14.0

Unicode has announced a series of new emoticons. They are new smileys that are part of Emoj 14.0. This is a suggested list, subject to change. For example, you can choose whether or not to include certain emoticons in the definition rollout of Emoji 14.0.

But what exactly are the new emoticons? We mainly see a series of emojis which are available in different skin colors. Also, some gender neutral examples have been added to Unicode 14.0. Furthermore, we see a held up hand, water lily, lifebuoy, disco ball, identity card, a battery that is almost empty, a nest (with and without eggs) and a number of examples. Furthermore, Unicode has worked on new facial expressions in Emoji 14.0. We see a melting smiley face, greeting emoticon and a peeping face.

We will not see the new emoticons until October 2021. Google Pixel devices may need to have them on board, it is reported. That is in the period October-December 2021. In the first half of 2022 they should be available in, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Samsung, Apple and other services.

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