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Forget about Valheim for a while, because even Loop Hero deserves a lot of attention, despite the not very attractive graphics. It’s fresh, innovative and damn fun. Not only we, but also thousands of other players who have earned a hugely positive rating on Steam.

Loop Hero is a very interesting mix of genres with original ideas. At its core, it’s a kind of idle game and a car battler: Your hero runs around the generated loop on his own, and when he encounters someone in it, he shares it with him for life and death.

Don’t worry, you’re not just spectators here. As a player, you are in charge of a frequent exchange of weapons and armor for your frightened knight, but first of all, it is you, a kind of god, who throws sticks at his feet. At the beginning of each run, the loop is empty, only occasionally a ball of slime appears, which does not endanger your life.

You place the enemies yourself, because a new piece of equipment can fall from each loser (with a little luck better than the one with which you are just hooked), but also a card. And the cards are elements of the environment that you can use to brighten up each additional loop.

You decide for yourself where your hero will encounter spiders, whether they will be joined by rats or vampires, and whether everyone will be threatened by a murderous creeper. You set the difficulty of each subsequent round, and thus increase the risk, but also the potential reward. In addition, cards not only create enemies, but have a myriad of other functions. Meadows and mountains will heal you every day, extra materials fall from the treasury, lanterns limit the number of enemies in the adjacent fields, villages give you quests and so on.

You can voluntarily remove yourself from the loop at any time, but the further you are from the beginning and end represented by your camp, the less you will take with you. Therefore, you want to end ideally after finishing the wheel when you doubt the next repetition of the loop.

Apart from this adventure, you use the accumulated materials to expand your own campsite. You will set up a kitchen and increase your healing, unlock an alchemist, blacksmith and so on.

Loop Hero also has a story set after the end of the world in the dark, where all the survivors immediately forget everything. The whole gradual expansion of the noose and the “drawing” of its landscape is supposed to represent the memory of the main character, who is the only one of all people in the world who can keep his memories.

It’s worth it.

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