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Looking for a daylight lamp? These are the best

The lamps from this list receive the most stars on

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This TL30 daylight lamp ensures that your daylight deficit is compensated in the winter. Its small size makes it easy to carry and store. The holder can be mounted in different ways, so you can always choose the right angle; wherever you sit. Order it here

This lamp mimics daylight so that you can feel fitter and more comfortable again in winter. The e-book (which you get for free) contains tips and information about the consequences of less sunlight and how you can combat it. Great: the height is adjustable, so that the device always shines well in your face. You can also adjust the brightness and color mode. Order it here

Won’t you wake up relaxed because of that brutal alarm clock? With this wake-up light you can get up relaxed, because it simulates a natural sunrise by using a unique combination of light and sound. The device also simulates the sunset. This way you fall asleep faster and more peacefully. Order it here

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This lamp has three positions so you can get used to the light. You turn the lamp on and off with the switch on the side. The brightness, duration and brightness can be set with the touch buttons on the front. Handy extra: because the lamp has a sturdy and compact size, it is also easy to carry. Order it here

Not only does this lamp look beautiful, it is also bursting with functions. For example, it has ten brightness levels, you can choose from five treatment times and the light does not flicker thanks to LED technology. Order it here

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