Lol: Nintendo Breath of the Wild characters turn out to be Wii Mii’s

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Nintendo uses Wii Mii characters to fill the world of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a mud discovers.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the most revolutionary and bestselling games on Nintendo Switch. It is therefore all the more surprising that many of the NPCs (non-playable characters) seem to come straight from a Wii game. In fact, that doesn’t just seem like it, it really is. Many of the Breath of the Wild characters are based directly on Wii Miis, which is a bit painful.

Breath of the Wild characters turn out to be Miis

Developing a game is complicated, expensive and quite difficult. Nintendo, on the other hand, found a handy cheat to fill the Breath of the Wild world, namely with Miis.

Anyone who had a Wii or WiiU knows them. The avatars that you can customize yourself and on your behalf rolled hundreds of strikes and lost tennis games against the computer. A Nintendo Switch modder and self-proclaimed Mii expert found out that Nintendo used exactly that feature for Breath of the Wild.

Alice, too @HEYimHeroic, discovered what had been mittin ‘for some time. She found out that the files with which non-important characters such as villagers are generated are based on Mii files. They just use a slightly different format and you know what that means. Personalized Miis are relatively easy to upload to the game. And voilà, that’s how your avatar is selling melons in Breath of the Wild.

I fool Nintendo a bit, but it’s actually really smart what they did. Nintendo has not had to reinvent the wheel and is using the existing modular Mii system to fill the world of Breath of the Wild with unique characters. The software applies the iconic style of the most recent Zelda game flawlessly.

Source: TheVerge

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