Loki doesn’t give Marvel competition a chance

Disney is throwing one success story after the next onto the streaming market with its Marvel series. The latest addition, Loki, sets a new record on the very first day of publication. The in-house Marvel competition has no chance against these numbers.

On Wednesday, Loki started the Marvel series, which fans on Disney + were most excited about this year. They now show that this is more than a guess first numbers to the interest of the audience. Once again, a Marvel series has succeeded in outperforming its predecessors at the start.

Loki meets Disney + The Falcon and The Winter Soldier from the throne

890,000 households tuned in to the first episode of Loki in Disney’s home market, the US, on the day of its appearance, as did industry magazine Deadline reported. The series around Thor’s half-brother and god of joke and chaos, Loki, sets the previous record for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (759,000). They, in turn, had already surpassed the remarkable initial success of WandaVision (655,000).

According to Deadline, the numbers come from Samba TV – a company that analyzes the use of smart TVs via software – and confirm that Loki the largest US audience to date on a Marvel series on Disney + could achieve. “The growing number of households that tune in, prove that Marvel series from Disney + take swing,” the US magazine quoted the report from Samba TV.

If you haven’t seen Loki yet, you can find the trailer for Marvel’s new hit series in Video:

With the first episode, Loki will probably reach millions in one day

Here is the real thing Loki audience probably even bigger. Because Samba TV only evaluates those who use the Disney + app on the smart TV. If you watch Disney + on your tablet or smartphone and have already seen the first episode of Loki there, you will not appear in the 890,000 streaming households. If you compare the information with the German streaming habits, the actual number of viewers could be twice as high – Mind you, only in the USA.

The numbers show: Disney can be satisfied with Loki, as well as with the decision to buy Marvel a few years ago. If your more about Episode 1 of Loki want to know, check out this article too.

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