Loiza Lamers about children’s wish: ‘A baby in my stomach is just not possible’

Image: Loiza Lamers

Loiza Lamers (28) and her boyfriend Jelle would love to have a child together, but they don’t know how they are going to do this yet. “Do you want a surrogate mother? Do you want adoption? I do not know yet.’

This is how the model explains candidly 30 Minutes RawRuud de Wild’s podcast.

“That’s something that we need to explore, that we should talk about.” More and more friends around Loiza are expecting. She feels “a lot of happiness for them, but also a certain sadness sometimes.”

She continues: “I want to experience it so badly. The baby in my belly, which comes from me, that is simply not possible,” says Loiza, who is a trans woman. “Of course I can become a mom, but not like that. I regret that.”

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