Like Chrome, Microsoft Edge will offer updates every 4 weeks

Microsoft will do like Google with Chrome and offer updates every 4 weeks for Edge. It has been once every 6 weeks so far (both for one and the other).

Microsoft Edge switches to updates every 4 weeks

This change with updates every 4 weeks for Microsoft Edge will intervene in September, once version 94 is released. So users will still have updates every 6 weeks for a few more months. It’s similar in the case of Google with the change that will take place with Chrome 94, which will see the light of day in the third quarter.

The fact that Microsoft is following Google is in itself not very surprising. Internet browsers from both groups rely on Chromium, which helps. Also, we suspect that Microsoft does not want to leave the lead to its competitor. After all, he’s hoping a lot of users who currently have Chrome will switch to Edge one day or another.

Speaking of Chrome, Google announced a new “Stable Extended” option. This will be a way to have the “major” updates every 8 weeks. This option will be available for enterprise admins and Chromium embedders who need more time to manage updates. Microsoft is announcing today that there will be exactly the same for Edge.

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