LIDL offers a cheap pad and holder with wireless car charging

We have a tip for you on other interesting mobile accessories from the LIDL retail chain. Under the well-known brand SILVERCREST, a two-part car set appeared in the offer, which includes a holder and a pad, both with wireless charging for the phone. Both pieces have a standard Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and are powered from a classic car outlet. The holder has a suction cup on the glass and holds the phone using the bottom groove and two side clamps. It has a microUSB socket, so it is possible to replace the cable with another one.

The pad has a dual use. The first provides its area for wireless charging, which is equipped with anti-slip material. At the same time it has a groove for vertical phone setting, so it can also serve as a stand on the dashboard. The USB power cable is firmly connected to it. Holder and pad SILVERCREST with wireless charging are sold in stores of the LIDL chain and in its e-shop for a pleasant 599 CZK.

How do you store and charge your mobile phone in the car?

Source: LIDL

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