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Lidl and Shell again with a tank discount

In the Lidl app you will often find promotions where you can save money or sometimes even get something for free if you reach a certain purchase value in the store. Lidl and Shell are bringing back the tank discount and at least reducing your tank costs somewhat.

Save at Shell when filling up with the Lidl app

Petrol and diesel are still relatively expensive. We cannot currently do without fossil fuels completely. So you’re happy if you can save a few cents when refueling every now and then. Between 16th and 18th December 2022, the Lidl app will run another promotion that will save you 3 cents per liter when filling up at Shell petrol stations. You can fill up with a maximum of 70 liters, so you save up to 2.10 euros can. It’s not earth-shattering, but you still want to take every cent with you at the moment.

GIGA savings tip
The fuel is too expensive? Are you looking for the cheapest gas station? Then download our refueling app. There you will find the lowest petrol prices in your area.

TankenApp with petrol price trend

TankenApp with petrol price trend

Ströer Media Brands GmbH

TankenApp with petrol price trend

TankenApp with petrol price trend

Stroer Media Brands GmbH

The TankenApp is a product of Ströer Media Brands GmbH, to which GIGA also belongs.

To be able to take part, you must have the Lidl app for Android or iOS installed on your mobile phone. Then you look at the promotions and discounts and can activate the advantage there. Then you just have to fill up at Shell and scan the voucher at the checkout to let. You can check whether your gas station is included on the special page. Check this out beforehand so that there are no unnecessary discussions later when paying. All other details can then be found on Shell’s special page on the Lidl campaign (look at Shell).

In the video you can find out what else the Lidl app can do:

Lidl Plus explains: This is how the app works

Lidl promotion can be combined with Shell price guarantee?

Like a few months ago, Lidl’s action could be repeated combinable with the Shell price guarantee being. But you need the ClubSmart card from Shell. This compares the prices of ten nearby branded gas stations and adjusts the price. So you would get the currently best price and save an additional 3 cents per liter. But we can’t guarantee that, because there were different statements about it last time. Ideally, you see for yourself when the price is low and then refuel quickly. This works best with our TankenApp for Android or iOS. So you always have the best prices in view.

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