LG Velvet 2 Pro is a flagship killer that will never kill

Photo of the original LG Velvet (@LG)

Unfortunately, the LG Velvet 2 Pro will never hit the market. Well, luckily for competitors, because the device has rock-solid flagship killer qualities.

In April, the news came out that LG will stop making smartphones. As a result, the innovative LG Rollable, among other things, ended up in limbo. A real shame for the lost technology. The LG Velvet 2 Pro will also never see the light of day, so we will never see how the potential flagship killer could ensure a comeback.

LG Velvet 2 Pro

A nice publishes on Twitter details of the LG smartphone in question (via AndroidAuthority). This shows that depending on the price, the smartphone could have become an outright flagship killer. Mainly the brand new Snapdragon 888 could have made the LG Velvet 2 Pro a brutal killer.

Furthermore, according to the leaked specs, the device would be equipped with a 6.8-inch OLED display (1080p resolution). The screen would also receive a refresh rate of no less than 120Hz. In short, in terms of computing power and high-end screen, it is more than good.

What distinguishes the device from a real flagship are the specs. Not that the rest is bad, but the brand has to cut corners somewhere to be able to keep asking a reasonable price. For example, according to the goodies, the device received ‘only’ 8GB RAM, 128GB storage space and a battery of 4,500mAh. Finally, the smartphone with a main camera of 64 megapixels would take photos.

In short, a very solid device. The original retailed for around $400. Assuming that the 2 Pro variant would be slightly more expensive, we are still talking about a device that would cost a maximum of € 600. LG could have measured itself with the energy that OnePlus once had.

Sadly, that will never happen, as LG has only produced the Velvet 2 Pro several thousand times. Employees were allowed to buy a Velvet 2 Pro from the brand after the closure of the smartphone branch.

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