LG shows Rollable smartphone with rolling screen at CES

During the annual CES event fair in Las Vegas, LG showed a remarkable smartphone. The manufacturer previously announced that it is working with a smartphone that has a rollable screen, which we now get a taste of.

LG with rolling screen

LG is not averse to some experiments. For example, we previously saw the LG Wing, with a rotating screen, which we previously discussed in detail in the LG Wing review. The smartphone manufacturer now seems to be seriously working on a smartphone with a rolling screen. Apparently this phone will be named LG Rollable.

Unfortunately, LG has not announced any further specifications or details. It is clear that the smartphone is part of his ‘Explorer Project’, of which the LG Wing was also part. It is certainly possible that in a few months we will hear and see more of the LG Rollable.

The video below shows the new rollable smartphone from Samsung. To do this, scroll to 28 minutes and 26 seconds.

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