LG Gives a Glimpse of its Rollable Smartphone

For the last two years, Apple had been working towards developing a rollable phone. A better description of the device would be “a smartphone featuring a rollable screen”. A device of such nature would have a display screen similar to the size and design of a regular smartphone screen. But when you stretch it, it will transform into a small-sized tablet.

While the product is not yet ready to be launched in the market, LG offered a sneak peek into it through a very short teaser video that was played at the CES 2021 press conference recently.

LG did not reveal too many details about the specifications or even the design of the phone. However, one thing is for certain. It will be launched under the name ‘LG Rollable’. While the name has evoked mixed reactions, it is interesting to note that while developing the product, LG was considering launching it under its original code name, ‘Wing’.

Though not much is known about this soon-to-be-launched device, one imagines it is designed as an alternative to Samsung’s range of foldable phones. LG, perhaps, wanted to come up with something that would, apart from serving as a good competitor to the new range of phones by Samsung, would offer tech enthusiasts something new and different.

Unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the single screen of the rollable is similar to a standard smartphone in terms of size and design. There are a few reasons why the rollable phone scores over the foldable phones by Samsung. The LG product’s transition from a regular smartphone to a tiny tablet is smooth and does not form creases like the foldable phones.

Since LG has not released much information about the product, there is a lot of ambiguity about it. It has also led to people feeling concerned about a few things. Since this is a relatively new technology, a lot of potential customers are concerned about its durability. A lot of people are of the opinion that ‘fancy phones’ like these do not last for long. LG must step forward and address these concerns so that by the time the device is launched, there remains no apprehension in anybody’s mind.

In the past, LG has developed devices like rollable television. Therefore, based on the company’s experience with such products, one expects the rollable phones to be well-functioning and long-lasting.

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