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LG G7 ThinQ update breaks device, but there is no solution

The LG G7 ThinQ suffers from a persistent bug, which ensures that T-Mobile customers can no longer use the smartphone. All customers affected by the problem can submit their device for free for repair.


LG G7 ThinQ update disabled device

[ Update 7 December ]: the first affected devices have been repaired, according to an employee of T-Mobile on the forum of the provider. In addition, some users apparently lost their data: “The first aircraft have already been completely restored and on their way to their owner. In most cases this is also done with data retention, “says the employee.

[ Update 08:59 4 December ] LG Benelux has indicated on Monday evening that all customers can send their device to the provider for a free repair. If your G7 ThinQ does not start up after installing the update, you can return the device to a telephone store or send it directly for a solution.

Earlier LG gave the advice to users to reset their device to the factory settings, even if all personal data was lost. According to a spokesperson for the manufacturer, all data is likely to be retained in the event of a repair by the manufacturer. If you have not yet performed a reset yourself, the chances are “very large” that your data will be saved, according to a spokesman.

Original message : This is a bootloop problem, in which the LG G7 ThinQ crashes and keeps restarting itself, making it impossible to use the phone. The problems are most likely caused by a software update, which was recently released for T-Mobile users. The problems are with G7 ThinQ devices sold by T-Mobile, but also with owners who only have a SIM card from the provider.

“Of course we find it very annoying that these problems arose. We therefore give the highest priority to finding the cause and the solution “, says Jeroen Peeters of LG. There is no solution yet, and Peeters says he does not know when the fix is ​​available.

Peeters has informed that users can remove the SIM card from the G7 ThinQ, and then restore the device to the factory settings. Although the smartphone works again, the problem is not resolved: if you put the T-Mobile SIM card back in the phone, the problems will arise again. For customers of the provider there is therefore no way to use the phone normally.

LG is currently looking for another fix, where the G7 ThinQ does not have to be completely reset. Peeters also tells that it is probably not possible to release a new software update to solve the problems. That could mean that users have to send their device to LG for repair.

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