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LG Electronics: a smartphone with 16 cameras

It seems that the race to the number of photosensors on a smartphone is launched. Who will put the most!

Forget then the 4 sensors of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the 5 sensors of the future Nokia 9 PureView

The best offers of the moment:

LG Electronics has just filed a patent concerning a “hexadecimal camera smartphone”, ie a smartphone with 16 photo sensors back.

The lenses are arranged in a curved matrix, so each lens is able to photograph a different perspective.
The user of u smartphone can either select one of the 16 photos taken or combine all the captured photos to make it an animated scene.
The photographer can also select the head of a person or an object and rotate them until obtaining the desired position.

The back of the smartphone has a mirror in case the user would like to take self-portraits with the 16 dorsal photo sensors.

Beware that a patent does not necessarily mean the release of such a smartphone, but if that is the case we will do it with!

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