LG comes with a bendable OLED game monitor

A bendable OLED game monitor from LG. What do you have to imagine? Well, the Koreans give a hint.

It is January and that means that the largest tech fair in the world is about to start again. CES 2021! Due to corona, the ‘party’ mainly consists of virtual presentations. However, that should not spoil the fun. LG has something special on the program, namely a bendable OLED game monitor.

LG bendable OLED game monitor

They call it a Bendable CSO display with a 48-inch format. CSO stands for Cinematic Sound OLED. It’s not that you can fold the screen completely. This technology is designed to be able to switch between a curved and a static screen. A curved screen is of added value when playing games. The game world folds around you, as it were. However, if you are watching a movie or series on the screen, a static display is better. So you have the best of both worlds. There is support for a variable refresh rate. If desired, this varies from 40Hz to 120Hz.

The unveiling of the Bendable CSO display is at CES 2021. We have to wait and see for the first moving images of the special monitor from LG.

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