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“Letting go of your children is the hardest thing there is”

In On the stage every other week let’s talk about motherhood with an influencer. This time we speak to Angela Timisela, mother of Chloé and Chelsey.


  • Angela Timisela (32)
  • Relationship: lives with Estefano
  • Children: Chloé (4) and Chelsey (2)
  • Instagram: @angelatimisela
  • Number of followers: 8.9oo

You are a ‘momfluencer’, how did that go?

“Before I became a mother, I posted a lot of photos and videos online. I worked as a dancer at events and had enough fun to post. When I had my daughter Chloé I naturally wanted to share with the world how nice she was and after my second daughter Chelsey was born I got some more time for myself to make fun content.”

Do Chloé and Chelsey realize that they can be seen a lot online?

“Not really yet. Although Chloé does sometimes give me a questioning look when we are recognized on the street. Then people say: ‘Hey, that’s Chloé’ and then she asks me how those people know that. Fortunately, the girls both really enjoy having their picture taken. That is not for all children, I realize that very well. Chelsey in particular has a lot of patience and likes to watch pictures and videos of herself all day, haha!”

Angela Timisela

What is a wise lesson learned from your daughters?

“That motherhood can also be tough! I’ve always had an easy life: I’ve always been able to do everything without planning. With those two girls there, it’s very different. So I mainly mastered time management. As a mother you can no longer just go out randomly, you have to look ahead. Sometimes it’s tough, but I’ve always tackled it with both hands.”

What do you sometimes struggle with as a mother?

“Letting go! That’s the hardest thing there is. I can already worry about the fact that they will soon be allowed to go to the playground alone or have to cycle to secondary school alone. You hear such crazy stories in the news these days. Yet it is part of it: letting go of your most precious possession and throwing it into the wide world. I find that very exciting!”

What do you like most to share?

“Right now I’m really on a quest to find myself again. I want to show that in addition to being a mother, I am also just Angela and that that can be combined very well. That is why I show how I am doing with education, work and household. I notice that I also get a lot of interaction with my followers on that content. People respond ‘you glow again’ and that gives such a boost. I think my story can be a source of inspiration for many people.

I also love sharing how those girls differ: Chloé is the little angel and Chelsey is the little angel. Content with children is always very pure and real, you cannot imitate or stage that.”

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