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‘Let your child get bored more often’

“I’ve often wondered why I bought all the toys for my kids,” admits Meghan. ‘Because certainly in the past year, when we were all at home due to the pandemic, my children left it behind and complained that they were bored.’

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But instead of urging them to pick up the LEGO or craft supplies, Meghan left her kids to her own devices. ‘As a parent you often have the feeling that you have to solve your child’s boredom, but it is important not to do that.


It took a lot of training for Meghan to hold back, but now she recommends it to every parent. Every time you come to the rescue of your child, you’re basically saying, ‘Mommy’s here to help you because you can’t do it alone.’ But children are perfectly capable of solving their own problems. ‘

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“If we always stay by their side or respond at the first sign of boredom, they will never overcome challenges themselves,” she explains. ‘If you let them play alone, they can develop their own skills to solve their’ problem. ‘

‘They will benefit later’

But it has even more benefits, she says. ‘They develop patience and come up with new ideas. Because do you know how creative children become when they have nothing to do? ‘

She also thinks it will help children in the future. “They can use the perseverance they develop later in life on much more difficult problems. And that is worth a lot. ‘

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