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Lemmings Download Android Game

If you ever remember the best logical games that our computer monitors or other devices have ever felt, it is quite possible that a witness will immerse himself in a bland, carefree flight, – “Lemmings!” It will of course be true, because although this game, if human, could sip alcoholic beverages and smelt in the park, the point, the fun, and the pull on your brain threads is still the same

The principle of playability is very simple, as is the case with genius games. From one spot on the screen, a different number of green-haired men will jump and your goal will be to bring them safely to the target door. There are several specializations that can be assigned to your devotees.

Lemmings Download Android Game


One bucket can dig a hole so others can get on, others need to build stairs and the like. Sometimes it is necessary to give up the umbrellas in the umbrellas, so that after a jump from a very high heights, they will not be covered on the pavement. Does it sound simple? Initially, it really is, but later it will begin to attract and the game will want an increasingly sophisticated, more precise and complex combination of different specialties, so your brain will definitely not be bored

The game is available for free in browser version, so there’s no need to install anything. When starting the emulator, first press 1, then 2. Once you see the game menu, you can get to the game itself by pressing the F1 key and then clicking the mouse. On the bottom bar, you can see how many and what specializations you can divide. Click one to select it, and then click on any of them to assign it to you


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