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Korean studio WeMade Entertainment has announced work on a new generation MMORPG Legend of Ymir. It will follow on from the well-established MIR series, which received its fourth addition last August, this time just setting it in the environment of Norse mythology.

The creators have announced that their new MMO will run on Unreal Engine 5, which is associated with beautiful graphics. For annotated footage from the technology demo, the creators explain how Nanite and Lumen technologies within UE5 help them create a graphically detailed environment that maintains a stable number of frames per second in each resolution. The world doesn’t show much in motion in the video, but it still looks great.

At the same time, the authors will somehow incorporate blockchain technology into Legend of Ymir with the promise that you will potentially be able to make money playing. Similar features are already featured in last year’s MIR4 – if players get enough special currency, they can turn it into blockchain tokens and sell it to others. Alternatively, they can turn their token into a token and then sell it as an NFT.

WeMade Studio for Legend of Ymir has not yet announced an approximate release date or platform – their previous MMORPGs, in addition to PCs, were also published on mobile phones.

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