Leaked iPhone 15 case reveals a lot about the next iPhone

Photos of an iPhone 15 case have emerged. As a result, we now know even more about the next iPhone!

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Case tells even more about iPhone 15

Thanks to various rumors, we already knew quite a bit about the iPhone 15. But thanks to a few photos showing an iPhone 15 case, we learn even more about Apple’s next smartphone.

The photos were posted on Weibo, a kind of Chinese Twitter, but have since been removed. The photos clearly showed what will change with the iPhone 15. For example, the side button has been moved slightly and the volume buttons are in a slightly different place.

One of the more noticeable changes can be seen at the connection for the charging cable, at the bottom of the case. This hole is now a lot bigger than with the covers of the iPhone 14, for example.

You can see another big difference in the recess for the new mute button, above the volume buttons. Because Apple is now going to turn the ringer switch of the iPhone 15 into a button, less open space is needed in the case. According to rumors, you will soon be able to use this button for multiple functions, a bit like what is now the case with the action button of the Apple Watch Ultra.

More cases leaked

Another iPhone 15 case was leaked on Twitter by ‘Majin Bu’. This shows that the iPhone 15 Pro will have larger camera lenses and a larger microphone. There is still one volume button on this case, but recent rumors say that Apple does not intend to implement this with the iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 release

Apple usually presents the new iPhones in September. That will most likely be the case again this year. The iPhone 15 will then appear in the second or third week of September. So please be patient!

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