Leaked: Are Netflix games coming to PlayStation?

Again information is leaking about Netflix and the plans to offer games, with PlayStation now emphatically coming to the fore.

Earlier this week it was announced that it is almost certain that Netflix will offer games. How and what, on the other hand, is still a mystery. A data miner may have found the answer. Steve Moser found information about games, PlayStation, Sony and Ghost of Tsushima in the Netflix iOS app.

Netflix partners with PlayStation?

In the code, dataminer Moser found images of Netflix, Ghost of Tsushima, PlayStation controllers and a shark symbol, among other things. The latter is probably confirmation of the project’s codename: Shark.

Although the Netflix gaming concept is still mostly shrouded in mystery, the datamine could provide some insight. Ghost of Tsushima is an existing game after all. Netflix may be working with Sony to also offer games via the streaming service, perhaps for users who do not have a PlayStation.

On the other hand, perhaps the PlayStation controllers indicate that you can use external controllers for the future service. Unlike Stadia, Netflix might not be launching its own controller.

Whatever Netflix’s plans, time and again it comes out that something is indeed coming with gaming. The streaming service hired a gaming executive, talks about games in earning calls, experiments with interactive content and now appears to be preparing for the introduction of video games in the back-end.

Via: VGC

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