Latest Lego Batmobile will cost you 100 euros

The Batman will be released next year, based on this new film there will also be a new Lego Batmobile.

Start saving now. The Batman will be released in cinemas next year. Now a ticket to the cinema is not that pricey, but this Lego Batmobile from the new film is. For 100 euros you can buy this batmobile for young and old from January next year.

Lego Batmobile

The full name of this set is The Batman – Batmobile 42127 from Lego Technic. According to the toy manufacturer, the replica has been made as faithful as possible to the original. The car also comes with two luminescent stones to really make the Batmobile come to life. The blocks illuminate the transparent engine, while the yellow blocks illuminate the grille.

Lego Batmobile

It’s a pretty detailed car. The car has a front suspension, a working differential on the rear axle and moving pistons. The hood and door can also be opened and closed. Lego recommends an age of 10 years and older for the new Batmobile.

Lego Batmobile

This car is 11 centimeters high, 45 cm long, 17 cm wide and consists of 1,360 building blocks. The suggested retail price is 99.99 euros. Lego will launch the product on January 1, 2022. The Batman can be seen in theaters from March 2022.

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