Latest apps from Google Play # 270: baby nursery video

Of course, in 2019, we’ll be meeting every Monday over the selection of the latest interesting apps from the Play Store.

Amy Baby Monitor – baby video nursery

Where else will start the first part of the new year, than in domestic lures and groves . Amy Baby Monitor is the recently established Amy Apps Company in Brno

The Play Store Description is quite detailed and promises a free, easy-to-use baby video nursery that lets you watch and listen to your child from anywhere. You can just pair two devices (baby can be left as a retired older retired phone) and you can start

Thanks to video support you can not only hear but also watch from virtually anywhere where internet access is available. In the case of slower connectivity, the program itself optimizes the quality of the transmitted video.

There are also common functions such as microphone sensitivity, low battery warning, or alert in case of loss of connection. You will always have a complete overview of what is happening in the room with your offspring.

A little question is the method of charging . In Play Store, you’ll read “Nothing prevents you from trying Amy as an app. ”

Anyway, the Amy Baby Monitor: Children’s Video Screensaver has been in the Play Store for three weeks, with two updates and more than a thousand installments. The average mark 4.7 indicates a clearly prevailing user satisfaction. You can install a 45 MB large package on Android 5.0 or higher phones

Jedno čertované – hospoda plná čertů

We play mostly in this series, but this news was released under the title Czech Television Our own experience can not only be that it has succeeded, but it is also quite addictive. We’ve been doing it in a detailed review in 19459022.

Speech is about the game One Devil in which you take the role of the inn in a pub where beer of a hell. You will have four tables where you will be tapping and serving beer on a daily basis.

You will get some points for each cleared hell – for one more, another less. While the lesser devil scouts drink their beer and literally disappear, others will send you a jar back and you will catch your job and send them another one.

Can you serve a tavern full of devils who just do not have a hell of a job? Game One Devil is in the Play Store Playing the Biggest Score exactly one month and more than a thousand players installed it. It should be noted that the average mark 4.8 is still very impressive. You can use a large 39 MB installation package on Android 4.1 and later phones and tablets

Michael Schumacher After a heavy ski accident, he has completely disappeared from public life, and the media can only speculate about his real health

3. January 2019, this former racer has experienced a lifetime jubilee – 50 years . Schumacher Virtual Museum and at the same time published an official application Schumacher. The Official App .

This application will be a great pleasure especially for fans of the former F1 star. She portrays the most successful career in Queen Motorsport history in an entertaining and up-to-date fashion. The virtual museum of the seventeenth world champion promises an intense and rich experience

The virtual tour of the Michael Schumacher private collections in Cologne and the virtual tour of the historic go-

The detailed statistics with the most important record shows the career of the most successful Formula One pilot. In a video with a 2013 interview, Michael Schumacher gives answers to questions that

In the future is preparing to add another interesting content : racing cars that Michael Schumacher drove in his career, heel and other racing items in 3D, virtual and expanded reality, or virtual walk through the box lane and access the unity

Application Schumacher. The Official App has been in the Play Store for three weeks and has seen more than ten thousand installations during that time. Average Score 4.9 indicates a clear user satisfaction. You can install a 69 MB large package on Android 4.4 or higher


Author: Schumacher. The Official App

Goalkeeper – Counting Score

If you ever played a game where you need to count the score, , what is actually the current state. The Goalkeeper is trying to help with this situation.

The application focuses primarily on table football and offers an evaluation system for both personal and team purposes. With real-time statistics, you can easily find out who is the best player in a company or team.

The first step before starting the game is to set up a team. Settings require an Android tablet or similar device to serve as a representation of the physical table results of table football. Run the app and follow the instructions to set up a club. Then players can enter the club from their tablets or phones

Then you can start fighting for the best post. The application also supports multi-table tournaments. There are individual statistics, team results and rankings – just every what you need to know who’s currently in the top.



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