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Last minute Christmas stress? Not necessary: ​​you will receive these gifts immediately (!)

Leaf gift

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Are your child and partner real readers? Then give them a Leaf Gift. With this they can choose from -you different magazines: from Bobo to Donald Duck, Quote and Eqsuire. And what is really nice? The subscription ends automatically. So you don’t have to do anything else. (Choose the E-card, then you will receive it immediately). Order the Leaf Gift here.

Photo course

photo course_tanja_jess

There is nothing more difficult than photographing a child, actress and mother Tanja Jess knows better than anyone. That is why she developed the ‘Photo Class Smartphone for Mama’ together with top photographer Jeroen Swolfs: an online photo course especially for mothers. And the great thing: order it now, you will receive a whopping 20% ​​discount and you will receive your purchase on a beautiful gift card for under the tree. Isn’t that the perfect gift?

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Restaurant voucher


Cozy dining is not possible at the moment, but many restaurants now sell (digital) gift vouchers that you can spend as soon as things can open again. This way, the person who gives you the gift has something nice to look forward to and you also support the local entrepreneur.

Personal gift

Then you can buy such beautiful gifts, which is more valuable than a personal letter, card, drawing or video. For example, make a beautiful poem for your partner and frame it or let go of the artist in you and make a creative painting for the wall. Bet it will be a success?

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