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Lars’ favorite iOS app of 2020: Microsoft Teams

At the end of the year, all iPhoned editors will choose their favorite app of 2020. Microsoft Teams was Lars’s favorite iOS app.

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Apps of the year 2020: Microsoft Teams

Maybe the term ‘favorite’ app is not quite right, but Microsoft Teams is without a doubt the most necessary app I have used this year. In a year in which the entire world was forced to switch to digital working, meeting and taking classes, Microsoft Teams is the app that has developed at breakneck speed.

What started as an app for online meetings and keeping in touch with each other, has grown in less than a year into the app that countless schools use to teach children and students.

Microsoft has cleverly jumped in on that with special features specifically designed for home schooling. For example, you can easily put files in it, compose your class and there are all kinds of great presentation tools to give a lesson.

Later in the year, Microsoft even released an update with the Together Mode that allows you to create a digital classroom or lecture hall. The uses person recognition to cut out your image and place it in a digital seat. Classmates can see each other digitally and the teacher can see the whole class at the same time.

And Microsoft is far from done building out Teams in these crazy times. For example, you can quickly use ‘Breakout rooms’ to digitally put groups of employees or students together, just as if they were meeting in a separate meeting room or room and then returned to the common room.

Those kinds of smart technical adjustments and quick updates are exactly what we need from apps in 2020 and 2021. Now that digital communication is more important than ever, it is these kinds of apps that make everything that little bit easier.

Besides Microsoft Teams, other meeting apps like Zoom and Google Meet were more popular than ever, but as far as I’m concerned, Teams is the one that has developed the fastest and most appropriately. That makes it the best app for me that I have used in the past twelve months, although I hope to no longer need the app around this time next year.

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At the end of the year we look back at our favorite apps of 2020. Also read which apps the other iPhoned editors have chosen. In the coming days, you will find a new app article on iPhoned every day in which an editor presents his or her app of the year.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

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