Large gas grill with three burners at a great price

The weather in Germany is getting better and better and just invites you to fire up the grill. If you don’t have one, you can soon buy a gas grill with three burners at Lidl at a real bargain price. If you are lucky, you can also access it immediately.

Lidl sells gas grill with three burners from Tepro for 199 euros

If you want to treat yourself to a fancy gas grill this summer, you should take a look at Lidl’s current range. At a price of 199 euros (look at Lidl) plus shipping costs A Tepro gas grill with three burners plus an additional side burner is available for EUR 34.90 per shipping company. With a grill area of ​​63.5 x 42 cm, there is enough space to feed many hungry mouths. The three burners in the cooking space achieve a total output of 11.1 kW, one of which is a power zone with 4.5 kW, where you can sear the food properly. There is also a side burner with 3.3 kW, so that you can work together on one Power of 14.4 kW comes. Actually, the offer should not start until July 22, 2021, but you can already take it now.

Tepro gas grill can already be ordered from Lidl. (Image: GIGA)

The special thing about the gas grill from Tepro is that LED lighting on the gas regulators. There, the colors blue and red indicate whether the gas tap is open or closed. So you can quickly check at a glance whether a burner is still running. The burners are fired by a piezo ignition system. Grilling takes place on easy-care stainless steel grids. The scope of delivery includes a gas pressure reducer, a hose and a tarpaulin. So all in all a complete package. All you have to do is get the gas bottle.

In this Video Let’s tell you what you need to know about the different types of grills:

What good is the Tepro gas grill from Lidl?

Last year the same model was already on offer for 250 euros. This time the gas grill is 50 euros cheaper. Buyers had said that the performance is very high, barbecuing is fun and they also like the design and operation with the LED lights. The assembly alone is relatively complicated and time-consuming – but that is the case with all gas grills. If you have overcome this hurdle, nothing stands in the way of barbecuing pleasure. If you want to find out more about gas grills, you can read through our purchase advice.

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