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lamps, sockets, hub … the brand breaks the prices of connected objects!

Lidl has just launched in its Belgian and Swiss stores Lidl Smart Home, a new range of connected products dedicated to home automation. The German brand therefore comes to rub shoulders with Philips, Google and other tenors of the genre with inexpensive connected objects, to equip his entire house at a lower cost.

Credit: Lidl

Definitely, Lidl never stops venturing into unexpected markets. In September 2020, the German brand surprised consumers by launching a pair of wireless headphones for just € 20. A month later, Lidl sinks into the cloud with AirPods offered at 25 €.

Well, you can imagine, at that price the quality was not crazy. According to UFC Que Chooser, Lidl’s Airpods are a disaster, with a ” its tight, stuck between aggressive highs and bass distorted by saturation », explained the magazine. At the end of 2020, Lidl has decided to tackle home automation, in other words home automation.

lidl smart home
Credit: Lidl

The German company has just launched in its Swiss, German and Belgian stores Lidl Smart Home, a new range of connected objects for the home. Lidl obliges, these solutions are sold at attractive prices. The brand offers several starter kits. The LIVARNO Lux pack includes, for example, three connected bulbs, a gateway module and a remote control for € 47.99 on the Belgian Lidl site.

Of course, the flagship product of this range remains the home automation gateway, the purchase of which is imperative since it is used to link the various connected objects of the house to each other. This connection bridge, as well as all the other devices in this range, are based on the protocol Zigbee 3.0, a protocol adopted by a multitude of connected objects on the market, like Philips Hue connected bulbs for example.

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lidl smart home
The motion detector by Lidl / Credits: Lidl

Among the other connected products offered by the brand, we will find connected motion detectors at € 11.99, door / window opening detectors at € 9.99, connected sockets at € 9.99, ceiling lights at 49.99 € or even recessed spots and connected multiple sockets.

Of course, all these objects come with a Android and iOS companion app called Lidl Home, thanks to which you can configure and control each device. Little more, the Lidl ecosystem is compatible with the Google Assistant. In other words, it will be possible to control these objects with the voice. For now, the Lidl Smart Home range is not yet available in France, we will update this article when we have a marketing date for France.

Source: Lidl

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