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The list of gaming companies that see some potential in the NFT is expanding rapidly. After Ubisoft or Square Enix, the Japanese company Konami has now also expressed interest, which with its reputation in recent years could potentially be quite a controversial step for the fans and another thorn in the side. Konami will auction a commemorative NFT collection containing 14 unique artwork and scenes from the Castlevania series.

The collection will start auctioning on January 12 at 11 pm our time on OpenSea. The auction will end on January 15. This is to be the company’s first initiative in this field. Konami says he will explore other options, but also listen to feedback from players regarding NFT and blockchain. You can explore the individual NFTs on the official website. Each NFT should now exist in a single copy. But the company says it may sell similar NFTs of the same stocks in the future. According to Konami, the owner of the NFT can continue to trade with him.

Source: Konami

Konami celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Castlevania brand in this way. Last year, it was speculated that the famous publisher was preparing a big sequel to the Castlevania saga in addition to the new Silent Hill and Metal Gear.

As for the NFT in general, in addition to the aforementioned Ubisoft and Square Enix, others flirt with them. We wrote yesterday that Sega doesn’t reject them either, but he wants to be more careful. The authors of the STALKER 2 event preferred to get rid of all the planned NFTs shortly after the introduction of this idea.

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