Kia wants to attack with new models

The Kia EV6 has been one of the better electric cars on the market since it was launched. In general, the switch to electric cars is good for the South Koreans. Every new model underscores that Kia is superior to even the really big ones in some respects. Will it remain the same for the next vehicles? Because Kia has big plans.

EV1 to EV9? Kia is planning many new electric cars

Kia fans are in for a treat: the brand is planning a whopping 15 new electric cars by the end of 2027. While this includes well-known models such as the E-SUV EV9, Kia should also working on completely new electric cars.

The Koreans will be special focus on the European market, is it[calledTheBritishmagazinesuspectsthatthenewline-upcouldrangefromthesmallestEV1tothehugeEV9car. The basis for this are the statements of David Hilbert, Kia’s marketing director for Europe. According to him, Kia wants “cover all important segments”.

Lease an e-car and collect an environmental bonus

The EV1 can do this attractive competitor to previous low-cost e-cars like the upcoming ID.2 from VW and its group brothers from Cupra/Seat and Skoda. Internally, the EV1 should be a Siblings in the i10 from Hyundai have. The Kia mother does not want to drop her successful i-series.

At the SUV EV5 however, it is one smaller version of the flagship EV9. When it comes to alignment, Kia should target the upper middle class. As a concept, Kia has already presented the EV5 in China, later this year the Stromer should come onto the market there. However, details such as performance and price are still being kept silent at the moment.

In the video, Kia shows the electric flagship EV9 as a concept:

Kia Concept EV9 trailer

Announcement to the competition: Kia wants to make a big splash with electric cars

But these models are not the end: Kia has the European market in particular Electric cars for the B segment in focus. According to Hilbert, that’s what you want “largest segment in Europe” don’t neglect. An SUV for this class should therefore be almost certain that could bear the title EV3. That could get in the way of VW’s planned ID.2 X.

You also don’t want to leave the compact class, in which the Ceed competes. Sedans and compact hatchbacks are still part of Kia’s portfolio.

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