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Kaylee’s favorite iOS app of 2020: Discord

The year is almost over and that means that the iPhonededitors look back on their favorite app of the year. Kaylee’s favorite is the chat platform Discord.

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Kaylee’s Favorite iOS App: Discord

In the summer of the 1.5 meter society, I met a group of wonderful people. And how do you maintain simple contact? Discord is the answer.

With the necessary one-and-a-half meter markings, I started working as a student in an art space and museum in Rotterdam. It was great to be free to create work, but my fellow students were the real headliners of this summer without festivals. For example, I met people who can put a portrait on paper in no time, or who find balance in an object when that seems impossible.

After the summer we promised to ‘really stay in touch’. We all know this is quite tricky because, just like holiday loves, holiday friendships also water. Fortunately, Discord exists: a well-organized chat platform with many functions.

First and foremost, Discord is a chat platform for gamers, but its ease of use and many additional features have made the app go beyond its original purpose. Not only is the app used for talking online while gaming, but it is also a great place to meet others and hang out with friends online.

For me, Discord is primarily a way to keep in touch with friends. We keep conversation topics separate through different channels and it is also possible to chat one-on-one with someone. The most used feature is of course video chat. This way we can still see each other’s faces every now and then.

The ideal thing about Discord is the ability to switch seamlessly from your iPhone to your laptop and vice versa. This means you won’t miss a thing when you switch from a computer with an empty battery to an iPhone, for example. An added advantage is that the communication functions of the chat platform remain free. The makers of Discord keep repeating this promise.

The next Discord meeting is already planned for next Saturday. A good start to 2021. What did I do next to all the talented people at the summer school? I made a chair with a print of my butt, so that it feels extra comfortable for me. Nothing turned out to be further from the truth.

Discord - Talk, Chat, Hang Out

Discord – Talk, Chat, Hang Out

Discord, Inc.

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At the end of this year, we’ll look back at our favorite iOS apps of 2020. Read this week iPhoned also about the favorite apps of our other editors and more interesting year-end lists!

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