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Kaiten Email – Best Mail Apps of all time?

Who has never been overloaded with mails to sort? This task does not seem to have an end. Between advertisements and spam, there may be an important message and this is why some of you are trying to manually sort their e-mail box. It's worse and worse when you have several: the office, the one that is related to your personal life, etc.

An application has developed and allows to automatically sort the emails. The strong point ? She can sort several mailboxes at the same time! A revolution for all users who, every day, try to sort out all those messages that never end.

Kaiten, even more functionality than on K9

] Kaiten is a K9-based application with a lot of extra features. To use it, you must, of course, have an e-mail address. On the main menu page, you will see a folder for each account registered in the application and a final folder that groups all your inboxes. This option is developed with great precision. You know exactly which email belongs to which account. Access to your e-mail is so fast that it is even better rated than Gmail on Android.

You can change the settings to view more details of your e-mails on the page. Home. A margin at the bottom of the screen allows you to access several features: move, change e-mail, transfer.

A very interesting feature is the possible modification of the names of your contacts. You can change them by giving them a little nickname, which will make it easier to find you there. The headings of e-mail addresses do not speak and sometimes need to be renamed personally.

Kaiten's settings: a custom application

Many settings are set up in this application, which allows you to manage colors, fonts and other parameters to approach them closer to your personality. There are seven basic settings: appearance, interaction, messaging, networking, miscellaneous, security and problem-solving.
The appearance will give you the choice of the theme between dark and clear. You can disable animations, change date formats, divide the screen, and so on. Suffice to say that Kaiten offers a lot of settings.

The quality of speed and stability

Kaiten is a very fast, efficient application that does not use or very little internet network. This obviously depends on your e-mails: the more they are heavy, the more the application will have difficulty loading it, which is not the fault of the developers, but your Internet connection. The home screen and orders Kaiten

Certainly, the first time you use it, you have the impression that the information goes in all directions and that nothing is in its place. The more you learn to use it, the more you understand the system and the diversity of features of this application that makes it extremely rich. The design, far from being sad, remains open and soothes.

If the name of a sender is displayed in black, it means that you have not saved it in your address book. If it is in red, it is because it is indeed in your contacts!

Finally, you will be able to control without any problem all your boxes of reception and to waste no more time to sort everything manually.

Now you know everything about this amazing and revolutionary application that will offer you new features. Test it now! Kaiten Email – Best Mail Apps of All Time?

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