Just Cause 4

This time in Solis

Surely, no one is surprised that Just Cause 4 is a reworking from the perspective of a third person with an open world and with a clear focus on explosions, unrealistic but fun physics and a terribly exaggerated but very pleasant destruction. Everything in the old. It also unfortunately means that the story is again quite stupid, full of pitifully flat, uninteresting characters and their implacable motivation

However, it is still necessary to add that it makes fous better than the trio. Maybe it’s only a subjective appearance, but unlike an older sibling, the plot is at least frank. It’s a Schwarzenegger cage that does not take itself twice. This time even with comic scenes. And a little of the intended farce sits to the overall hair-attracted tone far better than grafting for earnest tones


You will lead the traditional revolution in the role of famous protagonist Rica Rodriguez across the fictitious island of Solis. The world is usually happy to look at the worlds and there is no other way. The landscape is beautiful, rugged, varied and breathtaking. Take a look at the different types of forests, the snowy mountain peaks, and fly through the hot air over the stony desert. Heights, plains, meadows and fields do not work mechanically, artificially, so there is no problem at all

But looking at the enormous, tempting playground, more than ever, he can not defend the feeling that Just Cause is blatantly wasting his potential. You will see the vast majority of the area once, from a distance and especially only for a fraction of a second when crossing the base. Because it is again the main and basically the only content of the game. Methodically destroy a set of enemy bases, nothing more. The world is just a glitter, a bracelet for effect. The game could function as a linear action (one camp equals one level), because the surrounding beautiful environment remains without gaming. It’s a huge shame

Likewise, the story can be both insignificant and at the same time interesting, full of fantastic characters, as Mr Pratchett has shown us for years. This is not mutually exclusive. The mission can also be full of wild sandbox destruction, but also have a variety of multiple points and mouths. They can, but they do not. Except for a few exceptions, the islands in the sea, consisting of a constant flight between the bases and the repetition of the three primitive actions

In other words, the Just Cause 4 gameplay is on the one hand not quite bad because its traditional central theme, that is, destructive satisfaction, also offers unchanged strength, and the story is built into the classic role of mere pretext to unleash the hell. At the same time, the game should have been so much better if the creators at least tried to develop and enrich the other concepts

Entropy Brigade

The design skeleton around which the heroic procession came, remained the same in its entirety, but she received a welcome treat. Still, it is still necessary to continue with the inertia of the workers’ storms and to cut off for their cause pieces of originally hostile territory. Previously, this was done through a relatively ugly fulfillment of the percentage indicator, which was allocated to you by the new province only when all the enemy buildings were completely grounded on its land

Just Cause 4, on the other hand, presents a map that at first glance can evoke a bit of a grand strategy. Each queue at the borders of the regions must be assigned one of your rebel units. Two things are needed to move forward. First, complete one central mission in a province where you have a look. In practice, it’s always about striking the base and completing one of the roughly four possible tasks. Which is going to be, is not a fuck, because the unambiguous common denominator is the destruction of a monstrous crowd of enemies and the ejection of all the surroundings into the air

Second: sufficient armed reserves. For example, expanding a piece of territory with two queues where some three enemy provinces will be in the neighborhood will have to open three queues, and one unit must remain in the original territory to keep the queue out of the two, through which you do not expound, that first you have to have two extra units in reserve … What?

Title All Editions (19459006)

That sounds like total chaos? On paper, yes. And honestly, the map also looks like first-class confusion at first. You do not have to worry, no tactics or no thought for you to want. The bottom line is that the more you make the brothel, the more fighters will join you. And since you just sweep all the things that you see into the cuckoo, there’s an automatic in Just Cause, you will never have any lack of armed forces

Fighters do not even need to place a hand, the game moves by the army itself, just take off. As a result, the whole experience works smoothly and casually. No one bumps you over your knee so that the ants clean the base to the last tiny. Instead, you are progressing dynamically with the map, filling the mission, here and there, blowing something up when the mood is. And where the map lights up, click here. Done

It’s not fanfare for a tremendously gaming design (and the nonsense that the brothel gauge grows, even if you’re destroying the structures in the pre-occupied provinces, that is, in the midst of an army of allies, we will rather not solve), but the game seamlessly slips eliminating one of the major drawbacks of the troika. It does not take you to the sandbox if you want to play it, but at the same time, it is not categorical for you to sit down and smash the dolls. Which is a sympathetic approach and a praiseworthy improvement

Side Scoff

But it also has one negative impact. Without stretching the game time in the form of forced field plunging, you will look at the final headlines in about twelve hours. Whoever wants to spend more time in the salt plains and forests can go one by two ways. Either fly farther and fight purely for the joy of fighting. The action is just in Just Cause 4, so bold enough, but how much you can find a long-lasting affection in such a goalless gameplay is already on you. The second option is to embark on the side activities.

But beware of them. There is a lot of optics on the map, but it’s just a trick. Fifty times to get crossed by four rings in the air, of course, can not say with a calm conscience about a hundred side-tasks. Together there are about five. And frankly, it’s hard to imagine the more troubled crowd of desperate

In other words, the side challenges are in the game strictly in number. No attempt to come up with anything interesting happened and the result is so surprisingly a bunch of shockingly boring, unyielding, repetitive acts. Entertainment has about as much sleeping paralysis, so at least thanks to God for having the creators so much judgment to not force you into them – they are 100% optional. The only one of these, except for brain damage, are the points for unlocking the modifications for the Rope Rope, but honestly, it’s enough to get it up and running

Rope Games

The Just Action 4 event itself is once again a good animal. This is to be thanked for virtually unlimited hero’s motor skills. On the scene, the Spider-Man’s rope, combined with a parachute and a wingsuite, a flying jumpsuit, returns. Each object can be attracted to or used to eject itself from the sling

Thanks to the head of physics, what has not seen the inertia or the preservation of kinetic energy even from the train, it is possible to move the movements completely freely. Maybe to fire the parachute in one direction, close it, and then go out in the middle of a free fall to the other side with a wingsuite. Similar dog pieces are the cornerstone of local playability and work wonderfully.

Anything else has been added to anything, the new part adds the possibility of sticking things to balloons, they then lift them up, then use the ropes that collide two things together, and the ropes that will tie on the target nozzles. And that’s all at once. Shooted destructive creativity is not really a limit here

Sometimes you see an improvised airship built from a balloon container on top, powered by a “stern” nozzle, as it goes to sunset while a tied herd of cows hangs from its bottom, are simply genius. Crazy rotating clutches of wrecks and explosive barrels, exploding vehicles hanging on other exploding vehicles, grotesque propellers made with rocket propelled snipers – an exothermic Dadaist poem, that’s the essence of entertainment in Just Cause 4.

The possibilities are really overwhelmed, so the naked tyjátr just does not jump. There is also no greater variety of firearms, among which, besides the classical lead gargoyles, you can also find pieces that complement the physics horoscope. Like a rifle rifle. It blows up the cliffs from the reefs and the fire is a great treat. Most queries have new and secondary firefights that are still enchanting a variety of genocide

We Do not Tell The Wind And The Rain

Trailers and promotional materials did not forget to mention a great news periodically, namely the presence of weather. Unfortunately, unfortunately, this is a matter that goes out of the way. In the game there are three types of timeless – sandstorm, normal storm and tornado

Flooding of sand is pure poisoning. You have about 20 centimeters of surveillance, and a strong wind blows you up in the air like a crowd crowd in front of the Black Friday mall. Flying a parachute so you can put a valley. Which effectively removes one of its most fun elements from playing, and of course it is not the best idea. Is it realistic on the one hand, yes, but was it really necessary to cling to an authentic experience of your own inability to hit a whirlwind in a game where a 10,000-ton battleship will land on your head, and the hero will not make it to the poppy

The thunderstorm is not much better. Seeing them is also miserable, and the topmost things are whipped. It looks nice, which is what it is, but the enemy is usually so much that it will not make it work. If you are in danger of being caught, be worried. Local lightning flashes do not shine, uh, the speed of lightning – from the moment you start to sparkle around, you have about three months to get away. And if you went out in the storm for coffee and eventually bought the shock, nothing happens. Rico is no butter, he gets busy and runs on, no stress. The actual impact on playability is therefore minimal.

Most of the attention was devoted to marketing tornadoes. The creators knew very well why. Wind faiths are a fantastic thing. They are ruthlessly ruthlessly all that is not fixed, licking it in their eyes, and throwing them somewhere in the stratosphere to eventually wreak havoc in the wilderness. Not only is it a disarming spectacle, tornado mainly acts as a center of attraction, so it can be done with great tricks. Perhaps to be shot in a wingsuite maneuver resembling a space gravity slingshot

At least that sounds good, is not it? So why is the initial mention that the weather is not the last thing worth paying attention to? The problem is great. All three elements rage to the designated places. If you have been expecting anything in the middle of the mission to find unexpected thunderstorms, or if you call an almighty whirlwind when you are in the conquest of the base in the narrow, you will go empty

The thunderstorm can really surprise you, but in twenty hours, it all happened to me once. Worse, the possibilities for the weather to really subordinate its will do not exist. Thunder or fugitive thunderstorms go on and off freely, but only in a pre-prepared region, and just by using a console that needs to fly over halfway through the world. Such a limitation has no logic. Why not give players just a tornado grenade available and resolved? Why do all the work around the effects of the weather, when you really meet them only within the narrated narrative mission

Poor driving of miserable drivers

Technically speaking, there is no clear shield. The game looks fabulously remarkable, none of it, but once you explore textures and shadows from a closer distance, you will discover not very consistent quality. The water is very strange, the cutscene are hideous, as if the creators were filming the Pentium 100, and occasionally blinking in the eyes of the details of the jump on the level they had been there for a long time.

At the i7 7700k + Titan X configuration, the 4K full-motion game moved around 45 fps, which is so difficult to bear with the huge world and many-kilometer views. Personally, we have not experienced any fall on the desktop, but watch out for it. Complaints about frequent breakdowns in forums will find so much that we were about to be very lucky

Your bosses will also bring quite a few bugs to you. Mostly they are insignificant little things, but I can not ignore the thing. Both AI and the pump on the sleigh. True, quantity before quality has always been the motto of enemies in Just Cause, we do not play stealth or dramatic opus where it matters. That the cover for the opponents is a foul word and will you willingly in the houfech to load before the rotary machine gun to defeat? Damn it. But when they do terrible boots and fellow-guys, which even without your doing can destroy your entire mission, the indulgence is gone

It’s best to know when it comes to driving. Artificial “intelligence” does not even understand the selfishness, which is sometimes quite comical. Maybe if you look at a confused soldier, how long he digs into the rock, when he dies in a fireball exploding his own car. However, it is worse for the affiliated individuals. Sure, to first try to get the Allied truck back on the road with a balloon set, because the driver in a bout of suicidal tendencies majestically descended from the bridge is quite funny. But once it’s done every ten yards, it’s a couple of bugs

By way of example, the riding model is the second thing for which a responsible person deserves to get a very rude letter. The cars behave awkwardly, unpredictably, sometimes strangely twisted, sometimes spinning again, and it does work out as if the co-driver has consistently reached the steering wheel. But the worst is the camera. When you mount, it locks into a bizarre claustrophobic angle, where you must always manually move it forward. But it helps only partially because the width of the view remains nonsensically narrow and can not be changed. The crown deploys the fact that the view of the camera sounds a bit slower than you turn. This means that when the serpentine passes, the center of the focus will be slightly out of the axis slightly to the opposite of the vehicle. Of this, a person is physically wrong without exaggeration

The last thing that needs a bit of criticism is the user interface in the menu. If you thought it was worse than Fallout 76, wait until you play Just Cause 4, because there’s a bust waiting for you to jump to Jan Tleskač. Mapping of keys absolutely does not make sense, in every second sub-menu is obviously unfolded for different reason, the mouse is used, but in about half of the cases it can not be clicked, and the function must be confirmed by a random other key instead. And try to guess how the rope modification is switched … Have you guys fed? Not bad. This is done by holding the left mouse button at the top of the field while changing the options using Q and E.

It is, but …

The fame, dedicated to Just Cause 4, the acrobatic, explosive violence, is still fun. The possibilities offer plenty, so he will let you win properly if you do not forget to pack the necessary dose of malicious creativity. It simply can not deny the title. At the same time, however, the overall fatigue of the concept can not be felt. The game is just as much like its older siblings. Careful evolution is one thing, but when you do not recognize the two games, it’s already done. It was supposed to save the weather but it did not work

Uncertainty, which part we have before us, was the cause of a very weak first impression. After a few hours of brawling, however, one gets into the right mood and somehow lets himself drift by the stream. A nose over the side of the bunch to make the fingers flutter on the surface, reins of thoughts to leave. Roughly something in that style, only with the rain of smoldering debris, falling airplanes, guns flying in space, and all-embracing fire inferno. Zen, how to be.

This game still knows. That’s her charm. Surreal, absurd, endless action. A mental enema of such power that you will think in simple sentences composed of monosyllabic words. And we will not lie, it is in a way relaxing even for the fourth time. On the other hand, the cutting is fine in itself, but the painful obvious fact that Rico with his series for the next time would necessarily need a bigger shift (as Krat did) can not hide

Four offers a few minor design changes, mostly for the better. But if a product that looks and plays as a triad to the trio, in addition to technical problems, deserves the presentation of a brand new title and the price tag, that’s the question. Just answer it yourself, but we’re shaking our head.

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