Judgment Games

A few months ago, the Yakuza creators uncovered the brand new Project Judge, which is set in the same world, but you do not play it as a mafia but for a private eye. Sega now announced news about the game that will be named Judgment.

Judgment on our market will be released in the following summer with complete English dubbing. That kind of care has been given the very first ever Yakuza for PlayStation 2, which was released 12 years ago. It is evidence of a great effort to extend to the west, which has already been helped by Yakuza 6 and the remakes of Kiwami


If you do not want to, you do not have to listen to him. The game lets you switch to the original Japanese at any time, which also applies to subtitles. We can not imagine English much, because Japanese takes care of a decent portion of the atmosphere in Yakuza. But it is extremely logical to endow the game with English when you want to get it to a wider audience.

Judgment complements this novelty with a new trailer that illuminates the plot. Detective Takayuki Jagami waits to investigate the murders of members of Yakuzas, which combines the indiscriminate signature of the murderer – the outcast eyes. Even if you do not play for Yakuzu, you will often come in contact with her. Maybe in court

If you know the Yakuza series, then Judgment from the game point of view is probably not surprising. Even here there are famous mini games, but a couple of news related to the detective site of the game can be found, see the gameplay trailer. Awaiting judgment in summer on PlayStation 4.

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