Jennifer Hoffman on motherhood: ‘Best adventure yet’

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For a long time, Jennifer Hoffman doubted whether she wanted to be a mother at all. Now she is very happy with toddler Cooper (almost 2). ‘Letting go, that has been my most important parenting lesson so far,’ she says in VROUW.

After years of hesitation, Jennifer and friend Dorian decide to have a baby after all. “When I stopped taking the pill and little happened, I thought: is this a sign from the universe that I shouldn’t have children after all?” The couple immerses themselves in iui, think about IVF … but then the actress spontaneously gets pregnant. “From the moment I saw such a flickering star on the ultrasound, I knew: this is going to be all right. I love adventures and this felt like the most fun adventure yet.”

“Who knows, I might become such a terror mother myself, you don’t know”

Primary school is still far away, so the ‘lice mother’ is still feasting on the screenshots of school app groups that her friends send. “But who knows, maybe I’ll become such a mother of terror myself, you never know. I have promised myself never to go to one of those indoor play paradises. Just because you’re parents doesn’t mean you suddenly have to start doing children’s things, I think.”

Letting go

She does it her own way and it feels good. “We just still do what we want and Cooper just goes along. He thinks helping is the best thing there is. ‘Pooper – that’s how he pronounces his name – help?’ he says.”

“Of course something breaks sometimes, but I let that go. As long as I’m there, I think: let him learn. Letting go, that has been my most important parenting lesson so far. I like to discover in myself that I am not an anxious mother, but a relaxed one.”

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