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January 2023 Sim Only Deals: The Best Deals

There are new deals for a new SIM-only subscription. Every month we list the best SIM-only subscriptions, and we’re doing the same this month. Where can you score the best deals?

January Sim Only Deals

DroidApp lists where you can score the best sim-only deals every month. We will also do this this month, because there are a number of great offers at the start of the new year. In any case, a (cheap) SIM-only subscription is often cheaper than prepaid, and it can also pay to look at the offers. DroidApp lists the three best SIM-only offers of January.

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A provider that often comes back in the overview is Simpel. That is no different this month, because there is another very nice deal. First of all, you use the T-Mobile network. If you want to take out a subscription for your child, you can opt for a ceiling. This costs 50 cents per month and ensures that you never pay more than the set amount. By the way, you can also use this ceiling for yourself. The bundle with 14GB internet and unlimited calls temporarily costs only EUR 10.00 per month. Enough with little? Then there is the bundle with 500MB and 50 minutes for 3.50 euros.


You can also contact Tele2 for a great offer. In any case, you will receive customer benefits if you have a T-Mobile subscription at home or a Tele2 subscription at the same address. The customer benefit consists of a 5.00 euro discount on T-Mobile Home and you also get up to 5GB of extra data on your mobile subscription. Even without these advantages, Tele2 has a great offer. The bundle with 20GB and 200 minutes/text messages will temporarily cost you only EUR 14.00 per month. You can also opt for Unlimited Every Weekend, which gives you unlimited internet access in the Netherlands and 4.6 GB in the EU at weekends.

Dutch new

Hollandsnieuwe uses the Vodafone network. This also means that you will receive benefits if you have Ziggo at home. You will then receive twice as much data and a free Ziggo TV package. At Hollandsnieuwe everything comes from one bundle. This means that one SMS is equal to one minute and one MB. Now there are so-called ‘Country Opportunity’ offers. A bundle with 10,000 MB/minutes/SMS will cost you 12.00 euros per month.

More carriers

There are even more providers that each have their offers. Below we link you directly to the right page, so that you can immediately see which deals they have. If you are still in doubt, there is our handy sim-only comparator, which allows you to immediately see which subscription best suits your needs.

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