Sileo poses a problem within the jailbreak community. The modern alternative to Cydia is responsible for offering the tweaks of the source BigBoss (ie the main source for tweaks) without displaying the ads. As a result, BigBoss has no revenue and could have problems financing its bandwidth.

“If you want to use things on BigBoss, you do not should not use Sileo to access it or you could permanently remove the source “ wrote Sam Bingner, a known developer in the jailbreak community. “The disappearance of BigBoss would basically mean the end of the jailbreak, entirely, permanently. Please, do the necessary “indicates forits part Pwn20wnd, the author of the jailbreak Unc0ver. “It’s terrible. BigBoss is an integral part of the jailbreak. It is shooting itself in the foot “ states Midnightchips, a developer of tweaks.

CoolStar, who is the author of the Electra jailbreak and part of the team dealing with Sileo, first responded to Sam Binger, he explaining that making public this case rather than talking in private is not the way to go. Then other developers got involved.

Water went under the bridges and the case seems about to be settled. “I discussed the problem privately with CoolStar and I think we reached a solution for the problem of BigBoss advertising” tells developer Andrew Wiik. It is not clear what the solution is.