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The earth is gone. Mankind has destroyed its own home, forcing itself to travel to the stars and find a new piece of rock floating in space where it can take root. However, the journey will be long and challenging, and your travel space station is not guaranteed to handle it. At least I will try it in the Ixion building manager.

You will become the stewards of a kind of ark preserving the remnants of humanity. And where there are people, there are problems. You will have your hands full maintaining order, waking new individuals from a long sleep, building new wings of the station, exploring missing technologies, extinguishing fires, repairing the fuselage and so on.

You will even create your own dock full of ships, which you will send on expeditions for various purposes. First of all, you are trying to find a place to anchor. But until then, you’ll need a lot of supplies and materials to build new rooms and develop, so you’re combing the wreckage of other stations, for example, whose managers obviously didn’t make it.

Ixion sounds quite tempting, but somehow he forgot to show us. We only have a movie that doesn’t reveal what the game actually looks like in terms of graphics, interfaces and mechanisms. We just have to wait.

The release is expected in 2022, and for some hope that it could be at least an above-average game, draw on the fact that the creators of Ixion are behind the well-rated Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus.

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