It’s summer on your balcony with these 5 swimming pools

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Summer is just around the corner and that means splashing about in your own swimming pool. Don’t have a garden? Then these are the best swimming pools for your balcony.

Paw Patrol

swimming pool balcony

Your child doesn’t care that it’s only one meter wide: in a Paw Patrol pool he will have hours of fun.

You can buy it here for only two bucks.

baby bath

swimming pool balcony

Is your child a few months old and does he want to cool off on the balcony? He can play in a small pool. Extra nice: the surface is nice and soft.

Order it here.

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Flamingo bath

swimming pool balcony

You can bet that you will attract attention with this bath, because it is quite an eye-catcher on your balcony. So brace yourself for a few playdates.

Order this flamingo pool here.

Bath with sunscreen

swimming pool balcony

You already knew that you should moisturize your child well in the summer. But with a (removable) sundeck, he is even extra protected against the sun.

You buy such a pool here.

race car bath

swimming pool balcony

In a bath that looks like a race car, your child will feel like Max Verstappen. Just inflate, water in and gas on it.

You order the inflatable race car here.

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