‘It’s also hard work on vacation’

Vacation is the time to relax completely, but with children you sometimes experience that just a little differently. Kim Feenstra also says on Instagram that her family holiday to Thailand is more difficult than expected.

Traveling with a toddler is quite an undertaking. A ENTIRE company. You need an extra ten pairs of eyes and it’s quite intense. For him too.’ Kim writes with the holiday snapshot on Instagram.

Where Kim prefers to discover as much of Thailand as possible, this causes the necessary fatigue for little Brooklyn. “I felt pretty bad about that. I did get a wrinkle. Fortunately, he quickly regained his Superman energy and now he steals the show every day with his dances and social skills.

Fortunately, the family still enjoys the holiday in Taailan, as Brooklynn calls Thailand. ‘We sometimes look at each other tired. But that little bon vivant makes everything right again. Okay, and that strawberry mojito does its job too.’ She closes the Instagram post.

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