It will be even more expensive for PC gamers

The graphics card market is broken: Although the availability of the current models from Nvidia and AMD is improving, prices continue to rise. Bad news for all PC gamers.

Graphics cards are getting even more expensive

The technology experts at 3DCenter take a look at the current price situation on the German graphics card market once a month. While in the summer it still looked as if the coveted hardware might already be available for Christmas at an RRP, the tide has turned again since September at the latest.

Graphics card prices are rising again, also in October – even though the models from Nvidia and AMD were available much more frequently than in the month before:

Price development of current Nvidia and AMD graphics cards over time (Image: 3DCenter)

The average sales price of Nvidia graphics cards compared to the RRP is currently at a proud 172 percent, it looks even worse with AMD graphics cards. The RDNA-2 graphics accelerator will be for around 183 percent of the MSRP acted.

Drop in prices? Keep dreaming!

An imminent drop in prices on the graphics card market is not to be hoped for. Instead, prices should rise even further towards the end of the year. The chip shortage is likely to affect us too at least until summer 2022 accompany – at this point, however, Nvidia could already present new graphics card models.

And what else has happened in the gaming and tech world? We summarize the most important news of the week for you in the GIGA headlines:

But there is a small ray of hope: Intel. The semiconductor manufacturer also wants to enter the graphics card business at the beginning of 2022. If the price-performance ratio of the ARC graphics cards is right, this could lead to a drop in prices for the competing models. However, this can only work if Intel has enough graphics cards in stock to start and these are not immediately bought up by scalpers.

For PC gamers – and those who want to become one – the motto is still: wait and see and drink tea.

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