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The WhatsApp communicator has been experiencing a very hectic period in recent days and weeks. After its operator, Facebook Inc., decided to merge user data with its primary social network database, an avalanche of resistance broke out. After this chat service upset left a huge number of people, the company responded by announcing that it would postpone the announced data transfer and provide users with a better explanation of exactly what will happen to their data. Facebook did not back down from the intention, it will only do so later and it wants to explain it to people more. The first moment has come now. WhatsApp announced how it will be new rules for the collection and transmission of user data explain and implement.

An article describing the process appeared on the communicator’s blog. “We will publish in the WhatsApp application in the coming weeks banner with more detailed information. Users can then read them at their own pace. Additional information will also be included to address specific concerns that we learn from our users. After a while, we’ll start with users Recall the need for our updated termsand principles to read and acceptif they want to continue using the application, ”says the announcement.

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WhatsApp operators will also try to explain to users the conditions under which the service can remain free and that the collection of more data is due to the breadth of benefits provided. “Millions of users use the app to communicate with companies every day. Communication via chat is simply easier for them than phone calls or e-mails. For the ability to provide these customer services in the application we charge companies, not users, ”Argue the owners of WhatsApp.

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“Some applications also assume that they have less information about their users than whats WhatsApp. However, we believe that users are primarily looking for applications that provide reliable and secure services. AND at the cost of granting them access to a limited amount of data – as in the case of WhatsApp. We always try to make all decisions judiciously. We are always looking for new ways to meet users’ perceptions, using even less information, not more, ”the operators add. We are very curious how well WhatsApp will ultimately defend the new collection and transmission of this user data.

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