Israeli startup wants to prevent traffic jams with smart sensors

emergency traffic, an Israeli traffic management startup, announced a new round of funding on Tuesday. Accordingly, it is about a financial injection of around 50 million US dollars. Investors are being led after a report by UK-based M&G Investments.

Notraffic plans to use the money to expand its presence in global markets to reduce congestion and CO2 emissions while increasing safety. Intersections and complex roads will be equipped with wireless intelligent sensors controlled by an AI-driven Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

Notraffic wants to work with 100 traffic offices

Tal Kreisler, CEO and co-founder of Notraffic, told the Venturebeat site via emailthat the company intends to work with 100 transport offices and ministries by the end of the year. Accordingly, Japan, Italy, Germany and Great Britain are envisaged as target markets.

Kreisler further explained that the intelligent intersection sensors combine multiple technologies, including cameras, radar, edge computing and V2X (vehicle-to-everything) communication models.

Improving security through analytically supported solutions

Notraffic’s main focus is not on enforcing laws, but on improving security through analytically supported solutions. “Our retrofit of existing signaling systems enables transport operators to process road data, interpret it in real time and communicate with other intersections.”

The platform works autonomously based on guidelines set by transport operators, optimizing efficiency and safety for all road users.

The use of AI SaaS platforms and sensor technologies enable transport operators to make data-driven decisions that optimize traffic flow. The combination of real-time data processing and advanced AI algorithms ensures effective traffic congestion management, according to the CEO.

First successes at US locations

The startup states that its innovative solutions have already made a significant impact in various places. Kreisler cited success stories such as reducing travel time by 70 percent and removing about a mile of daily traffic congestion in a single corridor in Tucson, Arizona.

In addition, a study in Phoenix found that the number of red light violations could be reduced by 70 percent, which drastically reduces the likelihood of accidents.

With its AI-driven technology and commitment to innovation, the startup aims to be at the forefront of revolutionizing traffic management. Through the seamless integration of AI algorithms, advanced sensors and real-time data processing, the company aims to work with city governments and transport authorities to create safer and more efficient urban environments.

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