ISPs must now guarantee speed

It is very likely that you have already experienced this situation. The mobile operator or fixed internet provider has it on the leaflet or in the offer stated attractive speeds connections, but in real use you find that you have almost no chance of achieving them. There can be several reasons and we will not discuss them here. The important thing is that this the discrepancy is being addressed and this year will be significant in this regard. The Czech Telecommunication Office (ČTÚ) will force Internet providers from the beginning of 2021 adhere to guaranteed speeds. These must be in the contracts and if they are not at the set levels, fines may be imposed.

The novelty concerns both fixed connection providers and mobile operators in the case of their data transmissions. What is the current situation? The CTU recently performed a measurement according to which 16 percent of the connections showed a large deviation of the actual speed from the declared one. IN 36 percent of cases it even turned out that the connections are not technically capable of reaching the specified maximum speed. That should be the end.

Three different controlled levels

Maximum, normal and minimum speed are terms that will now be tied to percentages. Real the maximum must definitely not be lower than advertised for fixed internet. Normal must be at 60% and at least 30% of the advertised speed. In the case of a mobile connection, it is similar. The estimated maximum speed must be realistically achievable the maximum speed for a specific service in a given location in real operating conditions, in a place with a sufficient signal level outside buildings.

The service will need the declared speed meet 90 percent of the day. What if not? Then the customer has the right to complain about the quality of the connection to the provider, or to contact the CTU. Since 2021, he intends to reprimand the operator for non-compliance with the guaranteed internet speed. Later, however, fines should be imposed. In addition, the CTU also wants to be the first in Europe to launch a mobile and Internet services comparator this year. Operators’ offers should be clarified so that people can understand them better. Almost 3.3 million customers use the Internet connection via fixed networks. 10.3 million end users connect via mobile networks.

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